Hostinger Review of 2020: Hostinger Hosting

Hostinger review hi guys and welcome to my Website my name is Rifat and I'm here to help you decide on the best hosting service for your website to make the search easier for you. Hostinger Review of 2020: Hostinger Hosting 

Hostinger Review of 2020: Hostinger Hosting
Hostinger Review of 2020: Hostinger Hosting 

Today I'll be reviewing hostinger with all of its pros and cons this web hosting service provider is ranked highly on the market but let's see whether it's the right fit for you and your website I also want to add that my number one hosting provider choice is siteground I've been using it for a while now and I'm more than satisfied however let's see how hostinger stands against siteground in terms of features and functionality let's begin hostinger is a fast and affordable hosting service provider that managed to accumulate millions of satisfy users over the years the company is based in Lithuania and has been in the business for over a decade thanks to its low prices and decent hosting features hosting or became a popular solution for many people it has a total of 6 data centers around the world and Prides itself with excellent speed and reliability so is this cheap provider any good.

Hostinger Review

How well does it rank in terms of features let's have a look hostinger is a very decent choice for beginners and intermediate users but it might not be the best fit if you already have a large experience the provider offers hosting services with shared and VPS plans overall hosting your covers shared web hosting Cloud hosting WordPress and email hosting however in terms of features compared to other Solutions on the market it's much more basic hosting her enables its customers with a user-friendly web-based control panel a free website builder and WordPress optimize servers and plugins additionally you'll get an anti malware protection over 200 website templates autoscript installer SSL support Etc it's safe to say that hostinger covers the basics of web hosting and it can be an excellent choice for smaller websites as well as for users who are searching for a convenient and easy-to-use provider however if you're looking for something more advanced than you might want to think twice before purchasing one of Hosting hers web hosting Solutions.

When you are building your website one of the most important things to consider is how this website is going to perform you wouldn't want your business to suffer because of faulty performance and low reliability which is why you need a decent hosting provider despite being one of the most economical providers in the industry hostinger does well in terms of speed and up time as the two major factors for the performance and reliability of a website hosting her is surprisingly fast and the company delivers what it promises with an average of 78 Ms response time it's nice to see speed that don't follow much behind some of the biggest names in the industry such as siteground or Bluehost besides the provider also showed solid results when it comes to keeping a website online posting her has an average of 99.40% of time which means your website will be up and running almost all the time hosting her offer standard security policies that include a free SSL certificate the unfavorable thing is that this as well as some other security features are only included in their business and premium plant while the basic one lakh some very important features for example hosting are also offers secure shell access and daily backups but not in the basic plan.

Hostinger Review of 2020: Hostinger Hosting 

This is really a disadvantage considering that the low prices come with some extra costs after all however if you're willing to pay a few extra dollars you will get very decent security for your website as well as protection against scams and attacks through their bit ninja server security system there are several types of customer support that you can reach out to on hosting hers website the main one is there live chat where you are immediately connected to their efficient and fast support there's also it ticketing system but it can be sometimes slow if you're in a hurry and need answers immediately you can also try their knowledge base where you can find a lot of valuable information that might help you in terms of user experience it's safe to say that hostinger is an excellent solution they make everything very easy and straightforward even the identification and payment process more over the company has its own version of the cpanel and the dashboard is fairly easy to use it allows you to manage all aspects on your website without causing you much trouble nor restricting you in any way finally as I said this many times hosting or is one of the most economical Solutions on the market their services all come with monthly and yearly subscriptions and the prices of course.

Hosting or is shared hosting plans start from $7.99 per month for their single plan $15.95 per month for the business plan their VPS hosting plans start just below $10 per month for one vcpu Cloud hosting is more expensive with prices starting from $29 per month for the startup plan up to $130 per month for their Enterprise subscription the email hosting plans are the cheapest and start from $2.19 per month and 10 GB storage for the business plan and $3.49 per month and 30 gigabytes storage for the Enterprise if you're lucky you'll run into some awesome discounts that make the company's web hosting even more affordable and budget-friendly they usually have discounts around holidays and they significantly lower their prices for Black Friday which I personally think is an excellent advantage finally if hosting there is not what you're looking for they do have a great 30-day refund policy for unsatisfied users if you're looking for a simple solution.

Hostinger Hosting 

Hosting her is as simple as it gets the provider is excellent for beginners and it's also a friendly choice for your budget other than that hosting or is a bit Limited in terms of Hosting features and solutions so it might not be everyone's first choice choosing a suitable hosting provider relies on your individual preferences and goals however I would personally recommend siteground as the number one hosting provider thanks to its versatile features and flexibility if you want to get siteground for a lower price check the links below for a subscription discount thank you for watching my video and I hope you found this comparison helpful for any questions you might have on the topic or any other hosting Services make sure to leave a comment below and don't forget to like share and subscribe everyone welcome to the channel my name is Jonathan and I'm here to help you decide on the best hosting service for your website to make the search easier for you I decided to make a comparison on some of the best hosting services on the market today will be reviewing siteground hosting her with all of their pros and cons before we start I do want to disclose that I might be compensated for some of the products.

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