10 Best Responsive WordPress Themes for 2020

10 best responsive WordPress themes. on envato elements I've gone through the responsive WordPress themes of elements of meticulously read the reviews schools in their face back and I found the 10 things with the highest number of customers at least 100 the highest review scores at least four out of five stars recent updates within the past year responsiveness of course so they work on all devices in screen sizes and importantly great-looking designs.

Top 10 Responsive WordPressThemes 2020
Top 10 Responsive WordPressThemes

10 Best Responsive WordPress Themes

Galaxy way they just want some things of the best on envato elements number one Foundry century is a super popular thing with over 4,500 customers since 2015 and out of over 200 risings it has maintained a review score full .88 stars out of 5 which is quite an achievement customer izumi's GTRs says from the clean visual design to the flexibility and ease-of-use this theme is amazing you will not be disappointed better describes itself not just as a theme that is a design toolkit because it integrates color and Leia modification tools that enable you to create slides for any kind of Hovis it comes with visual composer included and has to Kara and gravity forms number to Phoenix Phoenix has An Elegant Style with an approach presentation that showcases photography and videography really beautifully it's another Mega popular thing with / 2200 customer since 2015 and I'm almost a hundred ratings Phoenix's custom escort full .51 out of 5 stars and custom is Zach Moxley says as a filmmaker with a shot.

Lookout for a beautifully-designed website when I found this theme it struck my arm right away for begin I had a total but I was up with navigate to customization of the website after a few hours Phoenix isn't ideal thing for you if there's a strong visual component to what you do increase visual composer has single and multi page layout and portfolio filtering functionality number three mini mag mini mag is designed for magazine in block style sights and it has a light minimalist Style with a healthy amount of white space Mini Mags customers rate of 4.6 out of 5 stars and cast them on model 1998 says I really like it it's clean minimum working really fast inclusive Vikings sweater Evolution and wpbakery and supports contact form 7 and wpml, scheme is primarily black and white which creates a sort of quiet background that makes post images stand out number for Melinda element use another flexible multi-purpose name with 54 included pre-made layouts and the ability to choose from unlimited colors to highlight elements like buttons backgrounds and hitting's Melinda custom is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars and customer Larry to Global forces very good same very well optimized flexible and small thanks Melinda is bundled with visual composer and slider Revolution and integrates the Redux theme options Springwood number five.

Most Popular & Best WordPress Themes

Finance Finance has a corporate style and is oriented towards accounting finance and law firms finances custom x-rated 4.73 out of 5 and customer Cecil Webb says well organized and well-presented Saint recommended for any firm wishing to have an amazing website it includes buy premade hit a layout and a number of prime Heights layout the theme uses a primarily white blue and green color scheme through setting highlight colors can be changed number 6 Butter restaurant modern restaurant design for restaurants and other food-related services and sides to My Thai restaurants customers rate of 4.16 out of 5 and customer ID vs. I3 review numerous templates of this Category 2 might have became a favorite with a presentation and flexibility off it will only be using it through the pages to stop by having Lance the things we not implementing already available is fantastic didn't lose. Oz of menu presentation APA And even greater Google Maps the color scheme is white with soft pastel highlights number 8 East box of fruit is good for people in the web hosting industry and integrates with whmcs is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars and customer Fred C15 says this is a great job by the design on the step play once you understand.

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How to customize a template is very easy to update and make changes good job the thing comes with seven different layouts to choose from along with slight variations hopefully your pages and load pages there are 10 different colors games and it bundles in the slider Revolution play a game number 9 Debbie ox is a flexible business-oriented thing develops his customers right at 5 out of 5 stars and customer old leg if says this one is a truly multi-purpose business name I made a few business websites on it and both came out great it supports wpbakery page builder T-Rex add-ons is Central grid and slider revolution has a clean lifestyle and you can change the color scheme to use any colors of your choosing number 10 x Galaxy design for automotive Ironton sites like pot stores mechanics in workshops Alexis customers rate of 4.3 out of 5 stars and customer Stacie Stacie Stacie says once again I am so pleased with Ancora themes and core produces talk much teams.

That are designed thoughtfully and easily customization it supposed to be wpbakery page builder is Central grid and contact form 7 plugins increase the slider Revolution plug-in and integrates with melching in Google Maps the same is lot with blue yellow and brown highlights you can download Old Town of these things instantly as well as any others that you want to try by joining envato elements and elements really comes into its aren't you that you also get access to every kind of creative asset you going to need to set up your news. They solve a logo to Brandis light custom fonts to use some stock images to post some stuff video footage cheese and your promotions take a link in the description to take a look at everything that's included so that is the 10 best responsive WordPress themes room if you like this video hit the like And subscribe button so you choose nice to show you more like it and to check out more like.

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