BEST Free Shopify Themes For 2020 - Shopify Theme Review

BEST Free Shopify Themes For 2020 - Shopify Theme Review
BEST Free Shopify Themes For 2020 - Shopify Theme Review

BEST Free Shopify Themes For 2020 - Shopify Theme Review

World's number one t-shirt store for entrepreneurs and hustlers for a very limited time you can get a massive 20% off your first purchase by using the discount code hustle click the link in the description box below this video to see the full range of clothing now go what's up everyone my name is Chris winter the friendly entrepreneur come and picked out my favorite ones for you which i think will work for most businesses now some of these will work for some businesses some will work for others some will work for single products some will work if you've got a larger catalogue but either way I've kind of rounded it up so hopefully some of these will work well for you and like I said these are all free so it's great because you don't actually have to invest you know $100 150 dollars $200 for a theme upfront.

So let's jump into it by the way if you haven't subscribed it absolutely love for you to  got a store that doesn't have fantastic theme for storytelling especially visual storytelling because it's got some great large images and also incorporates videos really well so let's have a look at it right here you the hero video the hero video if you don't know what that is it's essentially a way of having a video on your website embedded but in a large way so it's gonna fill up 100% of the screen I'll show it to you in a second but it's a great way of kind of quickly telling a story rather than having to actually techno type it out and for people to read so if we jump to the website here you can see that we've got a nice big hero image at the start a little bit of animation but not too much and you've also got a nice bit of text here which is where you can maybe type in your little slogan or yeah your company kind of model or something like that we've got a few little menu items right here so if I click.

On this carafe a you can see that with the background images changed and you can also view more and if we click again it really is quite neat we've also got a nice hamburger menu up here on the left and you can see right here that we we have all of the different menu items that are very very clean so this is really a minimal theme it's going to work well for minimal products minimalism pretty much all of those things we scroll down we've got an image right here there's a little bit of a parallax effect but not too much which is nice because it can be a little bit too much sometimes again we're going to have just a bit of space here it's all very clean and here is the hero video and this is something that I really do like for a few different reasons we've got this nice text right here so maybe you can describe your video what its going to be a little bit about and then if we press play you will actually see that the video instantly loads and this is fantastic because you can really tell you're kind of company story probably what I would recommend is maybe having.

Shopify Theme Review

Company or your product and it's going to be a really nice way to actually connect with the customers so this works really well it's just using the YouTube player so it's just a simple YouTube embed we just get a link and you'll just be able to put it on there and it because it's playing on YouTube it's probably going to play really quick because YouTube's a very quick player so we can click this X button here and it's going to close it and we'll still get that nice clean image there if we go down here we've just got another short amount of text not too much no overkill and then if we go here we've got a few images as well in this black area right here we can actually have a few testimonials and this does swap every now and then it's just saw if we move down here you can even have something like a gift card if you want to sell with that coming here is one of my favorite parts about this theme and it's this little thing on the right so if you look here where this little filter coffee filter is as I scroll you can see that the background is actually changing and so is the image at the product so again it's changing to a gray and then to a black that's really really impressive especially for a free theme and that's one of the reasons.

Why I really do like Shopify themes they just are so impressive for the price of free and then we come down here you can actually see as well that we've got the one page to check out so if I click here I'm going to have the options for different colors if I click on white you'll see that the image will change its well we've got silver here nickel and cobalt and then you can also change the voltage let's add this to the cart see what happens here you can see that it's now in the cart we've got a little notification circle will click on this and you can see that this has a a Ajax cart so it's going to be just a pop out cart there's no reloading which is a really nice thing so this one was the narrative theme definitely one of my favorites especially if you've got just a few products I'll put a link in the description box below if you want to check this one out ok so the next thing that I really like is called boundless and this one's gonna work.

Really well if you have maybe a clothing store or fashion and if you've got a slightly larger catalog again there's a few things that I really liked about like about this if you've got high quality images this thing's going to work really well for it because it is optimized for larger images that means that it's generally going to work well with retina style photos are you going to be able to have full width collection images and you are going to also be able to have that homepage video that kind of hero video which I was talking about before if we go here you can see that we do start off with a nice big hero image and what I like about this one is that this is actually a slideshow so you can have your photos changing every three to five seconds so again you've got your logo right here we've got a hamburger menu on the Left this will work really well on on mobile as well because it will be responsive and if we scroll down you can instantly see all of your products very very easily and it takes up the whole.

100 percent width which is something a little bit unique but that's actually something that I quite like you've got nice sale icons right here and if we jump into one of the products as you can see on this website it really does take advantage of big images and that's really cool especially if you are going to be selling something where imagery is really important like clothing so if we scroll down you can see we've got the title right here I've got the options you can change it to dark green and the image here has changed and then we've got the product description and even more photos which is really really nice to see so with this image right here I would recommend that you if you do want to go with this theme you probably will want to want to have good product images otherwise it's not going to work as well let's just add it to cart and see what happens right here again we've got an AJAX pop out cart you can check out and there we go we've got the basic Shopify checkout again this is a really nice theme.

For fashion and things like that so highly recommend it if that's the nature that you're going for the next thing that I really like is called debut and this is probably one of the most popular Shopify themes especially if you're just beginning because it's a very simple theme but it does work really quite well we've got this nice big hero image here and we've got a lot of images and text side-by-side which is always good because it's nice to have the imagery and then some describing text with it if we have a look on the actual theme here you can see that we've got this hero image again it's a slideshow which you can actually change yourself here's the images on the right hand side and then your text that you want to be able to see and what I like about this one here is that it allows you to have a one-page check out as well or one page sale page essentially so we can actually buy this key pouch here all on the same homepage this one here's got a little bit of a different option as well because you can if you scroll over it you can zoom in on the image which is always nice to see if people want to check out the details and if we go down we can have testimonials.

This will all be in a section kind of layout so it's really easy to change what sections are above each other and then we've got some photos down here and then we've got a collection as well so let's just take a quick look at this charger wrap you can see that we have the main photo here again with this zoom option and then we can add it to cart and as you can see here on this one it is currently set to have the basic standard cart page which takes you to its own page but this one does look really quite good as well okay I've got a bonus theme right here this one's called simple it's not my absolute favorite theme but if you've got a large catalogue this one might work well for you especially if you want a minimalist kind of theme let's just take a quick look at it here and as you can see even on the home page it's going to be just displaying all of your items right there in front which can be a great way because a lot of people don't spend a lot of time on your website.

So if you can get show them their products straight away that can be really good so let's just take a quick look here so we're going to take a look at this Parker quite an expensive Parker at $2,000 but what I do like is that you've got your thumbnails here which you can change and you've got the zoom in functionality and you can change the photos right here again this is a super clean kind of theme no real fancy you know hero sliders or anything like that they've also got a recommended section down here which is really nice it's similar to what Amazon has on there so and if we add this to the cart you can see that we've got the cut right here again this isn't gonna be a fancy kind of slider checkout you can just got your own cart page that was simple a basic one and lastly we've got my favorite free theme on and lastly we've got my favourite free theme on Shopify and it's called Brooklyn and I've used Brooklyn a fair bit on a lot of my stores because it's fantastic it works really well it's fast to load you've got a lot of different options for sections you've got.

BEST Free Shopify Themes

Slideshow header and a lot of things just work really quite well so if we jump into the demo of this one you can see that we start off with a nice slideshow image we've also got some buttons here which you can set up yourself so you could maybe direct this to your own catalogue to an individual page you also got a logo up here which is really cool as well one thing that I like about this logo is that you can see that it's actually white right here if we go to another page you're going to see that it actually changes automatically so you can actually set it to have a different logo on the homepage which is really good as if you've got a slideshow image so if we scroll down you can see we've got another section here just some rich text then you can show off your collections and then you can also have more of your collections and featured products so let's take a look.

These boots and we'll go down here you've got a nice clean layout and then we've got the sizes right here so let's choose and 11 this is a really good theme again if you've got a lot of really good product images I actually use this on a few of my websites where I take a lot of product images and being able to have all of these right here without having to click on thumbnails is really really cool if we add this to cart you can see that we've got a Ajax pop out Add to Cart section and then we can change this you'll see that it will automatically update and it really is a nice little theme so this one here is probably my favorite theme the brooklyn theme and it's definitely one that i would check out again all of these are free so you know you can always play around with these especially if you're already in your free trial stage on Shopify so there you go guys there were some of my favorite free themes for 2019 I'm also going to make a few more videos about themes including the best paid themes the best themes to help you drive more sales so if you haven't done that definitely make sure to subscribe and yeah that's it for me my voice is going a little bit but that's ok I hope you guys have a great day and I'll see you next time bye

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